Circular blades cut hydraulic hose

Hose Hog circular blades improve cutting effectiveness by introducing more blade surface area into the cut. They are toothed and beveled on both sides to deliver smooth cuts. Made of M2 high-speed steel, they cut tough wire-reinforced hydraulic hose. Unlike abrasive wheels, which generate heat, smoke and debris that can contaminate hydraulic cutting systems, they slice cleanly. Blades are available in sizes measuring 7-, 8-, 10-, 12-, and 14-in. in diameter.

The full line of Hose Hog Blades is also available with “double bevel” or “wavy scallop”edges. While the bevel edge blades cut all types of hose, the wavy scallop edge blades are designed to cut any hose containing a significant amount of steel.

Starting with a wide range of the highest-grade steels and alloys, Hyde employs proprietary processes in blanking, laser cutting, heat treating, grinding and polishing to ensure superior cutting performance of each individual blade. They are highly corrosion resistant and are engineered for long life.

Hyde Tools Inc., (508) 764-4344,
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