Site Layout Facilitates Product Selection, CAD Model Download

Site Layout Facilitates Product Selection, CAD Model Download

Zero-Max's new website presents a new layout that caters to users in several markets and makes it easy to navigate products based on application needs. New features allow users to directly download products from the site for use in 3D and 2D CAD drawings. Downloaded parts will adhere to the product specifications chosen by the user through the new filter options. 

Starting at the homepage, products are organized into drop-down menus categorized by type. Users can search under couplings, torque limiters, variable-speed mechanical drives, overhung load adaptors, and shaft locking bushings before sorting products using the filter. Customers can also choose their products based on specific industry and application needs including automation, mobile machinery, wind turbine, and several others.

Users can then filter products based on their design specifications from bore hole diameters in load adaptors to speed ranges in drives. From there, they can save their parts to a 3D PartStream and view them in the new Catalog Data Solutions (CDS) CAD model viewer. CDS can be used for a variety of functions before download. 

Finally, the site offers resources for helpful system design tips, how-to-select information, mathematical formulas for quantifying performance data, product-application case studies sorted by industry, and where-to-buy information through strategic product distribution points located worldwide.

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