New Book Provides Detailed Study of Hydraulics Technology

New Book Provides Detailed Study of Hydraulics Technology

A new textbook, Introduction to Hydraulics for Industry Professionals, is intended to provide a deeper understanding of the principles of hydraulic control, and improve practical skills in building hydraulic-driven machines. This book fills the gap between academic style of fluid-power books and the very commercial style of books that are produced by manufacturers.

The book contains two software packages to download: a Hydraulic Components Sizing Calculator and Animated Circuits Files, which is produced by Automation Studio Software. Both packages are helpful in understanding the subject and interactive designing of a hydraulic system.

Hydraulic system builders and users should find the book beneficial in understanding the operating principles of the hydraulic components, using the right terminology, determining the proper specifications of a hydraulic component, performing the required calculations to size hydraulic components, reading hydraulic schematics, and more.

The author, Dr. Medhat Khalil, has more than 25 years experience in teaching fluid power to industry professionals and has effectively applied his solid understanding to the subject and his post-doctoral level of academic education in the preparation of this book. He adapted the book from training seminars conducted by the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

Introduction to Hydraulics for Industry Professionals contains nearly 450 pages and can be ordered by visiting It normally sells for $115, but readers of Hydraulics & Pneumatics will receive a 10% discount by using the promo code H&P2016-12 when ordering. The website accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. The book can also be ordered at



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