Marmon/Keystone Celebrates Employees’ Focus on Quality Improvement

Marmon/Keystone Celebrates Employees’ Focus on Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement Celebration

Marmon/Keystone recently held its 23rd Annual Quality Renewal Celebration to honor employees’ work in the Quality Improvement Process. The celebration spanned across all 40 Marmon/Keystone locations where each branch spent half the day participating in recreation, team building, and prize giveaways.

Upon hire employees receive training on how the Quality Improvement Process works and then work on one of the Quality Teams where they identify and complete projects that make Marmon/Keystone processes safer, more efficient and cost effective.

Thus far, the teams' efforts have resulted in on-time deliveries of 99.63%, returned merchandise at 0.11% and an average of 544 safety pointes per location. 

Click here to learn more about Marmon/Keystone.

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