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Manufacturer Invests in Tooling, NSF Certification

Manufacturer Invests in Tooling, NSF Certification

After focusing on a steady stream of improvements since 2011, Delavan Pumps Inc., Minneapolis, invested more than $300,000.00 in new tooling, NSF Certification, and marketing to it forward movement. Company officials said the investment has been critical to continue to aggressively competing in a broader agricultural market.  

The investment in tooling creates a production opportunity for Delavan to keep up with demand for expanding product lines.  Despite a lackluster market, sales have been continuing on an upward trajectory through 2015.  Officials also explained that NSF certification is a milestone, and along with other certifications help ensure continued future growth. Marketing investment includes its presence at several national trade show venues. "We are excited about the changes we have implemented over the last several years," offered Annie Shand, Delavan¹s Operations Manager.  "We are poised for some exciting growth in the near future and this investment will certainly pay for itself many times over."


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