At IFPE, Answering Your Questions About a Hydraulic System or Component

At IFPE, Answering Your Questions About a Hydraulic System or Component

Stop by the H&P booth (S80156) at IFPE, and you can speak face-to-face with a hydraulics expert. Appearing live and in-person at our booth will be Bob Sheaf, author of our popular Troubleshooting Challenge column, which appears in every issue of Hydraulics & Pneumatics. Plus—all the way from Australia—Brendan Casey will also be on hand to offer his perspectives on hydraulic maintenance, troubleshooting, system design, and similar topics.


Robert J. Sheaf Jr., is founder and president of CFC Industrial Training, Fairfield, Ohio. For more than 25 years CFC has provided technical training, consulting, and field services to any industry using fluid power, electrical, and mechanical technology.


Casey is founder of, author of several books, email newsletter, and videos on hydraulic maintenance and design, and author of our Hydraulics at Work blog, which is posted regularly on our home page and also archived there.

Both experts will take turns attending our booth from 10 a.m., to 4 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, March 7-9 to answer questions, investigate problems, offer advice, or just trade war stories.

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