How would you like to change this tire?

How would you like to change this tire?

Most of us think of changing a tire as an inconvenience. Whether you change it yourself or decide to call an automobile club, you’re in for some downtime. Do-it-yourself and downtime are not options if your vehicle is a mining truck. Even though mining trucks operate in rugged environments that can be tough on tires, these vehicles rarely, if ever get flats. Instead, tires are changed before wear becomes severe enough to make them vulnerable to being punctured. Still, how do you change a tire nearly 10 ft in diameter?

A fast, efficient, and effective solution is the TM20165 truck-mounted tire manipulator from Stellar Industries Inc., Garner, Iowa. The TM20165 relies on hydraulics to generate the high forces needed for gripping and moving monster tires while also providing a wide range of motions and precise controllability.

Hydraulic cylinders give the machine a reach of more than 24 ft, gripping range from 44 to 165 in., and lifting capacity of 20,000 lb. It also has 315° body rotation and continuous 360° pad rotation. The TM20165 can easily handle tire and rim combinations sized to 59/80R63 — the largest in today’s market.

But it’s not all about power. The TM20165’s wide range of motion lets operators change both outer an inner wheels on a vehicle without having to reposition the truck. Fully proportional electrohydraulic radio remote control with operator feedback provides high maneuverability to install mounted tires onto wheel hubs and align studs with wheel holes.

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