HAWE Creates New Service Division

HAWE Creates New Service Division

HAWE Hydraulics recently held its North American Partner Meeting last month in Vancouver, BC and announced the formation of a new division, HAWE Service Solutions.

During its North American Partner Meeting last month, HAWE Hydraulics North America, Charlotte, N. C., announced the launch of a new division: HAWE Service Solutions (HSS). This year’s meeting took place in Vancouver, BC and connected HAWE’s North American distributors with HAWE employees from Germany and the US. For years this annual meeting has served as a conduit to discuss new products and the overall direction of the company as a whole.

The announcement of the new service division opens pathways for a service partnering program. HSS offers an extensive range of services, including startup support (even on non-HAWE systems), data acquisition, on-site troubleshooting, and emergency delivery processes.

The new program allows HAWE to extend its influence in the market by teaming up with authorized partners who provide some of the same comprehensive services. Every HSS Authorized Partner will meet a set of specific criteria to ensure that high levels of quality and support are met. Companies who participate in the program will also reap the benefits of specialized training, recognition on HSS material, and increased sales. The program ensures that its partners have the right training and resources to distinguish themselves within their local market.

Companies interested in  becoming a HSS business partner should email [email protected].

About HAWE Hydraulics North America

HAWE Hydraulik was introduced to North America in 1997 through its American subsidiary, HAWE Hydraulics. Today, the partnership brings more than 60 years of German engineering and experience to North American mobile and industrial markets. HAWE provides integrated services that include design, manufacture, setup, a distributor network, and local inventory.

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