Free Hydraulic Cylinder App Performs Basic Calculations

Free Hydraulic Cylinder App Performs Basic Calculations

Those needing to calculate volume, force, velocity, outflow, and other parameters of double- and single-acting hydraulic cylinders now have a free resource at their disposal—Trelleborg’s Hydraulic Cylinder app. Users start by entering the dimensions of their cylinder, including rod diameter, bore diameter, stroke, pressure rating, and oil flow. The app requires all inputs to conform to ISO 3320, 3321, and 4393.

Standard hydraulic-cylinder equations calculate all values, which are useful for comparison to test or performance data. The app also lists the formulas as a reference for both students and experienced workers. Functions deliver results in both metric and inch units;  sub-units are also provided.

Trelleborg offers a range of other free apps, too, including a technical glossary for hydraulic terminologies and technologies.

Link to Hydraulic Cylinder iPhone app

Link to Hydraulic Cylinder Android app

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