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Fluid Power Training on Tap

CFC Industrial Training, Fairfield, Ohio, released its schedule of in-house fluid power training courses for the coming months. Although these courses will all be held at CFC’s facility in suburban Cincinnati, president Bob Sheaf mentions that in-plant training can be more cost-effective for groups by eliminating travel expenses and reducing time spent away from a facility. Curriculum for in-plant training can also be tailored to specific skills needed by participants or equipment used in the facility.

Following are titles and dates of scheduled classes covering fluid power:

Level 1 Industrial Hydraulics: In-Depth Fundamentals—This title will be offered twice as three- or five-day courses. The three-day versions will be conducted July 8 to 10 and Oct. 7 to 9, and the five-day versions will be held July 8 to 12 and Oct. 7 to 11.

Level 2 Industrial Hydraulics: Advanced Maintenance & Repair— This title is also offered as three- or five-day courses. The three-day version will be conducted Nov. 11 to 13, and the five-day version will be held Nov. 11 to 15.

Level 1 Mobile Hydraulics: In-Depth FundamentalsAlso offered in three- and five-day installments, this topic will be presented August 12 to 14 and August 12 to 16.

Level 2 Mobile Hydraulics: Advanced Maintenance & Repairwill be offered twice as 3- or 5-day courses. The 3-day courses will be held June 24 to 26 and again October 28 to 30. The five-day courses will occur June 24 to 28 and Oct. 28 to Nov. 1.

Hydraulic Conductors: Fittings, Tube, Pipe, Hose, & Leak PreventionThis three-day course will be held Sept. 4 to 6.

Troubleshooting Mobile-Hydraulic Systemsis a three-day class scheduled for July 17 to 19.

Level 2 Pneumatics: Advanced Maintenance & Repair—This three-day class will be held Dec. 10 to 12.

CFC also offers several courses that prepare participants for IFPS Certification. CFC also offers additional fluid-power topics not yet scheduled, as well as non-fluid power topics, such as Electrics and Electronics and PLCs.

For more information, including dates for topics not covered here, prices for all courses, and a detailed summary of material covered in each course, visit or call (513) 874-3225.

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