E-Commerce Website Lends a Hand to Oil Cooler Distribution

E-Commerce Website Lends a Hand to Oil Cooler Distribution

E-commerce website facilitates the selection and purchase of oil coolers.

Thermal Transfer Products (TTP), an API heat transfer company, is introducing its new oil cooler E-commerce website to maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) personnel, along with identical partner branded “faux” site participation for subscribing distributors. The site features four easy methods for selecting and sizing oil coolers suited to specific hydraulic applications:

• A TTP shopping catalog using TTP part numbers
• Finding a brand interchange to a TTP oil cooler
• X Selector software for selecting a heat exchanger
• ModelSmith, an additional tool for choosing an air cooler

The catalog products list is organized according to size, application, cooler type, and cooling media. Each model is hyperlinked to its page in the catalog. From the catalog, the user can view list pricing, features, benefits, and options before selecting a product for the shopping cart and checking out. Users can also view the models and check on the starting price by submitting a known TTP part number.

A crossover/interchange method compares a cooler manufactured by another company to the replacement product offered by TTP. The user enters the name of the manufacturer and the TTP part number in order to compare prices and features of the products and to see if TTP can replace a current model.

X Selector software allows users to enter their specific oil-cooler requirements, including performance, material, weight, size, coolant, and price factor. The software makes it possible to perform heat-transfer sizing and analysis on shell and tube coolers as well as forced-air coolers. Users can change heat load inputs and vary results for their application. They can also print a quote sheet with relevant sizing and analysis data, or a spec sheet for each series by model to be attached to a quote. Users can request X Selector software from a TTP X Selector web page, and an email link will be sent to the user for downloading the software.

ModelSmith lets users enter key options, such as number of passes, motor options, relief bypass type, connections, process fluid, and core orientation. ModelSmith will then produce matching products for the industrial requirements.

Close ties to distributors

Subscriptions for “faux” websites on the e-commerce site are available to partner distributors. Benefits of a faux site include qualified leads to promote purchase of additional components, such as hose, fittings, and power units. An extension of ttpoilcoolerstor.com, faux sites will include the distributor’s brand and TTP oil cooler products displayed by the user’s browser as search results. Faux sites contain links to partner-owned homepages, but follow TTP’s Oil Cooler Store design. They are 100% turnkey managed by TTP, so the subscriber has no maintenance or order fulfillment involvement. TTP is responsible for managing order confirmation, processing, fulfillment, and all questions and concerns related to the order. Purchasers select the state for shipping, and the respective distributors will show up in the search results.

For more information, visit ttpoilcoolerstore.com.

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