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Cylinder Manufacturer Invests in 3D Printing Services Company

Sheffer's CEO, Jeff Norris, will join 3D-printing service company, Tangible Solutions' Board of Directors, contributing expertise in metal parts manufacturing.

Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder manufacturer, Sheffer Corporation announced that it will join the ownership group at Tangible Solutions, a company that specializes in 3D printing to provide prototyping services, contract manufacturing, and design services to the medical, aerospace, and commercial industries. The partnership will explore the capabilities of 3D printing to produce metal components for cylinders with shortened lead times and less materials, all while potentially adding strength to parts.

Sheffer’s CEO, Jeffery Norris will join Tangible Solutions’ Board of Directors effective immediately, bringing resources and expertise in cylinder parts manufacturing. He acknowledges 3D printing as a growing technology slated to become commonplace in metal manufacturing within the next several years. The investment will prepare Sheffer to be knowable about 3D printing before it becomes mainstream, and allow it to continue to play a vital role for manufactures looking to improve lead-times and quality of their products. 

The investment to become part of the ownership group at Tangible Solutions represents Sheffer's commitment to innovation. Sheffer's future plans are to utilize 3D printing to produce individual component parts currently machined for cylinders. Adam Clark, CEO Tangible Solutions describes Sheffer as an established and recognized leader within the fluid power industry. "We hold in high regard their manufacturing expertise and shared values of integrity and honesty,” he states.

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