CFC Training Hits 25-year Milestone

CFC Training Hits 25-year Milestone

Fairfield, Ohio-based CFC Industrial Training, a division of CFC Solar, Inc. began a year-long celebration of 25 years as a global leader in providing industrial skills training and consulting for companies across the US, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. The company has become well known for its expertise in hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical, mechanical, and automation skills training.

“We have been blessed with a wonderful team of highly skilled trainers, support staff, partners, and customers who have provided us with the opportunity to sustain our growth for all these years,” offered Bob Sheaf, founder and president of the firm.

CFC has invested in developing innovative new products over the past five years to meet the needs of a changing marketplace. “While we continue to grow our live classroom training business, our new computer-based training and troubleshooting tools are meeting changing customer needs for easy, affordable, and rapid access to training. Our Interactive Technical Manuals (ITM) also offer key technical, troubleshooting and training information about machines in places like off shore oil rigs, mobile utility trucks, mining locations, and within manufacturing plants, just to name a few.” Sheaf added, “Twenty-five years ago, I never imagined we would have some of the opportunities we have today, brought about by [advancing] technology.”


CFC Industrial Training provides technical training, consulting, and field services for any industry that uses fluid power.  Training and consulting is conducted by recognized, certified experts, all of whom have practical experience in the latest industrial technology. The company’s senior training staff is accredited by the International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) to conduct IFPS Certification Training courses, and the company is one of the top providers of IFPS certifications in the US.

In addition, Sheaf authors "Troubleshooting Challenge," which is published every month in Hydraulics & Pneumatics and  publishes a Hydraulic Help Blog, which presents problems with hydraulic systems and explains their solutions.

For more information,  contact Robert J. Sheaf, CEO and President, CFC-Solar Inc., at (513) 874-3225, email [email protected], or visit

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