All-star lineup of speakers slated for IFK conference

All-star lineup of speakers slated for IFK conference

The 9th Annual IFK will be held in Aachen, Germany, and will feature a diverse range of topics in hydraulic and pneumatic drives and control systems, as well as lectures, excursions, and cultural programs.

Aachen’s futuristic-looking Europe Hall will house IFK 2014, with a trade fair and receptions held in its foyer.

The IFK conference happens every two years, alternatively hosted by the Institute for Fluid Power Drive and Controls (IFAS) at RWTH Aachen University and the Institute of Fluid Power (IFD) at the Technical University of Dresden. In addition to being presented all in English, an important feature of this year’s event will be its Digital Fluid Power Workshop, to take place Monday, March 24. This symposium will give researchers from universities the opportunity to present their ideas to various people within the international technical community. The next two days will consist of various lectures, with a scientific poster session throughout. Details can be found at

IFK flags in front of the Conference Center welcome attendees to the event.

The conference categories include:
Simulation and Validation — Efficient Simulation, Transmission Line Models, New Approaches and Methods, Improved Systems Response through Simulation
Mobile Applications — Mobile Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Aerospace
System — Plug & Play Hydraulics, Digital Hydraulics, Methods for System Analysis, Servo Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Control Systems, Reliability and Robustness
Automotive Technology — Drive Trains, Steering, Comfort, Suspension, Engine Management, Utility Vehicles
Renewable Energy — Wave Energy Converter, Tidal Power Plants, Wind Energy Plants, Energy Storage, Solar PowerEnergy Management — Hybrid Drives, Storage Concepts, Control Strategies, New Applications, Energy Recuperation
New Applications — Control Systems, Custom Applications, Rare Materials Production, Injection Systems, Water Hydraulics, Biomedical Applications, Corrosive Fluids
Materials and Fluids — Alternative Fluids, Plastics in Hydraulics, Measurement of Air Content in Fluids, Fluid-Material Compatibility, Oil Maintenance and Mixture Problems, Effect of Environmentally Friendly Fluids on Efficiency
Components — Displacement Units, Production-Oriented Components, Functional Safety, Tank Design, Valves, Resource-Conserving Production, High Speed Rotary Drives, High Pressure Hydraulics, Actuators, Filter Technology, Sensors, Noise Reduction of Hydraulic Equipment
Pneumatics — Pneumatic Drives, New Drive Concepts, Efficient Systems Design, Vacuum Technology, Miniature Pneumatics, Low-Emission Pneumatics
Particle Detection, Wear Indication, Effect of Wear on Systems, Fail-Safe Components, Aging Models

With so much to cover, four lecturers will focus on themes drawn from their own professional experience.

  • Head of Corporate Research and Technology at Festo AG & Co. KG, Dr. Peter Post, will present “Smart Pneumatics for Intelligent Manufacturing.”
  • Dr. Win Rampen, founder and Research Director of Artemis Intelligent Power Limited, will present “The Development of Digital Displacement Hydraulics for Renewable Energy Drivetrains (or Necessity is the Mother of Invention!).”
  • Director of Innas B.V., Dr. Peter Achten, will discuss “Innovation in The Fluid Power Industry”.
  • Director of IFAS, RWTH Aachen University, and host of the conference, Dr. Hubertus Murrenhoff will discuss “An Overview of Energy Saving Architectures for Mobile Applications”

All four programs will be presented on March 25. 

Additionally, different excursions and cultural programs will be offered to those who wish to see a bit more of the historic city. A two-day plant-tour trip will be offered March 27 and 28, with partakers visiting Veltin Arena in Gelsenkirchen, Ford Fiesta and Fusion Factory in Cologne-Niehl, and Zollverein Unesco World Heritage—the worlds’ most beautiful coal mine. Three social events will also be held: opening evening on March 24; conference banquet on March 25; and laboratory party on March 26.

Click here to view the full conference schedule.

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