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Vacuum-cup check valve

Vacuum-cup check valve

The piSave sense flow control/check valve for vacuum cups is used for object sensing on flexible handling devices using a centralized vacuum pump. It works in any orientation, even upside down. It is dirt tolerant and increases vacuum flow through the valve when vacuum level decreases, therefore retaining high lifting force in cups that are in contact with product. Valve allows several vacuum cups to miss (or partly miss) sheets/objects and still maintain system vacuum level and offer a fast-release or blowoff.

Flow control/check valves are used for “object sensing” on flexible vacuum handling devices with a centralized vacuum pump. Traditional flow/check valves for suction cups such as ball-seat valves have proven to be very sensitive to orientation and dirt.
User benefits include reduced need of vacuum pump capacity as you only use cups needed for the task, lowering pump investment and energy consumption.  Users also have the ability to build flexible lifting devices that can serve a variety of different size or shape panels/sheets.  This eliminates the need for multiple lifting devices.
Available as an integrated option for piGRIP suction cups, it can also be used as a stand-alone product for any type or brand of suction cup.

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