Tank-mounted filter

MRT tank-mounted medium pressure filter for hydraulic reservoirs delivers high contamination removal efficiency. Standard 18LCZ elements with Excellement media provide high dirt holding capacity and beta efficiency. Series comes with standard 1.5 in. SAE porting. It is also compatible with various Dirt Alarms including D5 and MS10. With cyclic pressure rating up to 750 psi, it is designed for applications where high pressure surges in the return line are of concern.

Opitional Dirt Catcher elements clean the oil during element change out, and allows for private branding capability.

Tank mounted design is especially suitable for mobile applications where a space saving filtration solution is needed. Typical applications of the MRT include but not limit to mobile vehicles, injection molding, steel manufacturing and other industrial applications

Schroeder Industries, (724) 318-1146, www.schroederindustries.com

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