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Starter leak-detection kit

Starter leak-detection kit

OPK-541 Industrial Leak Detection Kit is a new starter kit designed to effectively pinpoint the exact source of all leaks in hydraulic equipment, compressors, engines, gearboxes, fuel and other synthetic and petroleum-based fluid systems. It comes with the Optimax Jr blue light LED flashlight, a compact, high-intensity unit that quickly reveals all leaks in small to medium-sized industrial systems — even in cramped areas that are inaccessible to larger lamps. It measures just 7¼ inches (19 cm) long and weighs only 5 oz (140 g).

Also included is an 8 oz (237 ml) twin-neck bottle of patented Oil-Glo 44 concentrated fluorescent oil dye, which is compatible with all synthetic and petroleum-based fluids. When a leaking system is scanned with the  flashlight, the dye glows a bright yellow/green at all leak sources to reveal the precise location of each and every leak. An 8 oz (237 ml) spray bottle of Glo-Away dye cleaner, dye treatment tags, and fluorescence-enhancing glasse are also included in the rugged carrying case.

Spectronics Corp., (800) 274-8888,

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