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The Productivity1000

Stackable Micro PLC offers Easy Programming

The Productivity1000 Stackable Micro PLC provides communications; easy programming; integrated data storage; and discrete, analog, and specialty I/O modules, all compact-size. It comes with a new CPU, choice of power supply, and high-speed I/O and PWM modules. The P1-550 CPU has five communication ports. The P1-02AC universal power supply provides isolated, 26-W power from 100- to 240-V ac or 125-V dc source for up to 15 expansion I/O modules for a combination of up to 240 hardware I/O points. The P1-01DC power supply provides 16-W of power for a CPU and up to 8 expansion modules from a 12- or 24-V dc power source. The new analog modules support 8-channel inputs or outputs and a new 4-channel analog input module provides 16-bit resolution for mA and V dc signals.

AutomationDirect, (800) 633-0405,

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