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Solenoid valve cables, connectors

Solenoid valve cables, connectors

Connectors and cables are available for pneumatic solenoid air valves and sensors. Three-wire connector cables are available in five pin spacing formats (8 to 18 mm); 4-wire transmitter cable is available in 8 mm format. Connector styles include DIN 43650 standard forms A, B and C; two DIN style industrial forms (B and C) are offered. The 24 V or 110 V ac/dc models feature built-in surge suppression and yellow LED indicator and are rated for connecting with electronics. The 230 V ac/dc models are rated for straight-wired components.

Select connectors are field-wireable; all connector styles are available with three and five-meter PVC jacketed cables. Because the connectors are not polarity sensitive, users follow solenoid, sensor, or other devices wiring diagrams for proper connection.

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