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Rodless pneumatic drive

Rodless pneumatic drive

The DGC-K rodless pneumatic drive, when specified with NSF-H1 food grade lubricant is suited for food and beverage packaging applications.

The compact rodless drive is 30% narrower than previous versions, which helps conserve machine space. Piston size ranges from 18 to 80 mm; stroke lengths from 1 to 8,500 mm, and at six-bar pressure, it delivers 153 to 3,000 N. Position sensing is via a proximity sensor.

The double-acting linear drive with slotted cylinder barrel and optional moment compensator can mount in any position, is easy to assemble and install, and can be removed without having to unbolt the frame from the machine for quick maintenance and repair.

A unique sealing system includes a polyurethane sealing band that snaps into the DGC-K’s profile for effective sealing, and a magnetically retained metal cover strip prevents contamination.

Festo, (800) 993-3786,

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