Radial-piston pumps

Radial-piston pumps

The RKP 250 variable-displacement radial-piston pumps come in displacements up to 250 cm³/rev. The delivers continuous pressures up to 350 bar (5,000 psi).

For machine applications requiring even higher displacements, it can be configured in a double-pump arrangement with full torque available across all displacements up to 500 cm³. Designed to be used in open-circuit systems, the RKP 250’s large suction port and flow-optimized suction path ensure robust suction behavior, a high speed limit, and low noise emission. The pump’s maximum speed is 1,800 rpm at an inlet pressure of 0.8 bar absolute (11.6 psia). The pump incorporates a nine-piston rotary group, which provides very-low pressure ripple and noise-emission behavior.
Moog, (716) 652-3686

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