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Products of the Week, September 2017

From biodegradable fluids to pneumatic valves for small-volume dosing in medical applications, this roundup includes some of the latest products in fluid power.

Expander Plugs Minimize Leaks Compared to Traditional Sealing Methods

These expander plugs can be used to reliably seal drilled holes in fluid systems. They feature a metal-to-metal seal that protects against potential leaks associated with O-rings, gaskets, and other traditional sealing methods. Models are rated up to 450 bar, and are available with diameters in sizes from 3 to 22 mm and 0.093 to 0.875 in. They are available in carbon-steel, stainless-steel, aluminum, and titanium constructions.

SFC Koenig, (203) 245-1100, 

8-mm Pneumatic Valves Target Medical, Diagnostic Apps

These direct-actuating pneumatic valves offer a response time of less than 5 ms, making them useful for accurate dosing of small volumes. They feature an 8-mm cartridge package and a robust stainless-steel “spider” with only one moving part that travels less than 0.007 in. Their very low moving weights make them extremely quiet with minimal vibrations. They consume low energy and target applications in medical, diagnostics, and other sensitive applications.

Clippard Instrument Laboratory Inc., (513) 521-4261 

Latching Valves Hold Position in Lieu of Intermittent Power Sources

While standard solenoid valves require electrical power to hold their energized positions, the L310 features a latching function that saves energy by holding the position without electrical power. A 50 msec pulse fully shifts the spool from one position to the other, and the valve will hold that position until another electrical pulse of opposite polarity is applied. It targets applications needing valves that remain open for long periods of time, or having inflexible power conditions. Its balanced construction handles vacuum or pressure up to 80 psig. Variations come with normally open or normally closed functionality.

Humphrey Products Corp., (800) 477-8707, 

Screw-Adjusting Speed Controller Features Compact Design

The JSD slot-head speed controller uses a separate screwdriver instead of an external needle to reduce unwanted movements during speed adjustments in applications for packaging and factory automation. The controller is compact, with a height measuring approximately 2/3 of its conventional counterpart.  Two types are available, with an elbow-type design featuring a 360-deg rotatable x-axis resin body and a free-type design featuring a 360-deg rotatable x- and y-axis resin body. Both operate with air at operating pressures ranging from 14.5 to 130 psi. The check-valve opening pressure is 7.25 psi, and operating temperatures range from 32 to 140° F.

PISCO USA Inc., (630) 993-3500, 

Biodegradable Fluids Are Safe to Use, Store, and Ultimately Dispose

ZenEarth hydraulic fluids use a combination of vegetable oils and performance additives to make up a variety of ISO-grade fluids. They contain electrically charged particles called micelle that, when activated in water, repel each other in a random movement to supply good boundary lubrication and reduce wear in the pump and throughout the system. They are credited with reducing fluid temperatures up to 20°F, and inhibit hydraulic-fluid foaming and oxidation. The micelle does not react with system materials or the environment to create any sludge or varnish, improving system life and ensuring cleaner operation. They are readily biodegradable by US EPA 560/6-82-003 standard.

Zen Earth Corp., (877) 769-7632, 



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