Pressure Sensor Offers Unit Conversion

Pressure Sensor Offers Unit Conversion

A new Large Digital Pressure Switch/Sensor 31 Series can be altered to display several units of pressure, including psi, in.-Hg, kPa, MPa, kgf/cm2, bar, and mmHg. The series contains the models VUS-31R-N for compound pressure, the VUS-31-N for negative pressure, and the SEU-31-N for positive pressure. The sensors come fitted with either a two-meter cable or a four-pin M8 male connector and offers two-NPN or two-PNP output, as well as analog voltage or current output. Sleep mode is activated after 30 sec of inactivity to reduce power consumption by 30%. A locking function prevents accidental output if a key is pushed in error.

PISCO, (630) 993-3501

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