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Polyurethane tubing

Polyurethane tubing

Three new styles of polyurethane tubing — unreinforced, braid reinforced, and a style designed for pneumatic applications — offer durability, natural flexibility, excellent weathering characteristics, and good chemical resistance.

The Superthane version comes in two formulations — ether and ester. The ether-based material handles water and humidity well, while the ester-based formula offers overall better petrochemical resistance. Both types are made from nontoxic, FDA-compliant materials.

Urebrade ether-based braid-reinforced polyurethane tubing incorporates an open mesh polyester braiding within the polyurethane walls for greater pressure-carrying capabilities than unreinforced styles.

Superthane pneumatic tubing comes in eight colors for easy line identification and is manufactured from ether-based materials to handle applications in wet or humid environments.

Features include:

• Cold temperature flexibility approaching –90°F (–67°C); made without plasticizers

• Resists most gasolines, oils, kerosene, and other petroleum-based chemicals

• Provides more pressure and vacuum resistance than comparable sizes of PVC or rubber

• Can be heat formed into shapes to fit with or around machinery.

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