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Pneumatic microvalve

Pneumatic microvalve

The MV 10 pneumatic microvalve boosts productivity and energy efficiency of pick-and-place applications for small parts. The small valve can be integrated directly on grippers or other pneumatic actuators and plugged or screwed into the actuator ports.

The MV 10 improves efficiency by including the valve body and mechanicals at the gripper port. Instead of refilling the long supply lines between the valve block and gripper for each pressure change, compressed-air consumption is reduced to the volume of the piston chamber in the actuator, making it possible to save up to 90% on compressed air

With a 9-mm OD and 1-mm nominal diameter, the microvalve has a low profile. Flow rate and switching times to less than 3 msec are user configurable. It has complete media separation between the valve body and the solenoid and is also suitable for noncorrosive liquids and gases as well.

Schunk, (919) 572-2818,

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