Pilot control cartridge valves

Pilot control cartridge valves

Series 09 cartridge valves for proportional and on/off pilot control of clutches, brakes and directional control valves are a hybrid product that combines 10 size cavity with 08 size tube/coil. Two on/off valves offer a choice of 2-position, 3-way (SV09-23-02) or 2 position, 4-way (SV09-24-01). Both operate to pilot pressures of 100 bar (1450 psi), with flow rates of more than 20 lpm (5.3 gpm). PPR09-POD provides electroproportional control of clutch or directional valve. It comes with reduced pressure settings of 20 and 25 bar (290 and 360 psi), with flows exceeding 25 lpm (7.0 gpm).

PPR09-POD is a pilot operated proportional pressure reducing/relieving valve that is normally open to drain. This means that there is no actuator movement with zero current, which is ideal for these pilot control applications. The valves are designed for pilot applications requiring minimal pressure losses in the system.

The large 10 size cavity provides high flow capability with low pressure drop whereas the 08 size tube/coil provides a smaller package size and lower power consumption of the coil. Coils are designed for incorporation on machine control architecture that uses company's PLUS+1 hardware.

Comatrol, Easley, S. C., A member of Danfoss Power Solutions, (864) 644-0055, www.comatrol.com.

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