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Mobile machine displays

PLUS+1 compliant DP600LX series mobile machine displays are designed to meet demands of electronic system control and monitoring. They provide mobile off-highway machine OEMs, which use hydraulics extensively, with next-generation color and monochrome graphical displays for both in-cab and open-air applications. DP600LX, DP610LX and DP620LX displays feature a more powerful processor, a new operating system, enhanced viewability and new features compared to previous models.

DP600LX series models are high-resolution, transflective thin film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal displays with eight soft keys and six buttons for navigation. Each display is user-programmable with PLUS+1 GUIDE (graphical user integrated development environment).

An ARM-11 processor drives the displays, providing greater responsiveness and faster screen data updates than predecessors. Utilizing multimedia capability and 532MHz clock speed, the new processor performs 10 times faster. Graphics update two to three times faster and application execution is five to 10 times quicker. The new processor is capable of supporting higher screen resolution, offering the opportunity for future development.

They run on a Linux operating system, which allows use of the screen editor in the Sauer-Danfoss GUIDE tool chain or an alternative screen editor. The displays integrate seamlessly with other PLUS+1 products.

Sauer-Danfoss Inc., (763) 509-2029,

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