Hydraulic Valves at IFPE

Hydraulic Valves at IFPE

Mini Hydraulic Check Valves

The Lee Co.'s precision check valves target high-pressure, harsh-duty applications. They are constructed entirely of NACE-compliant, corrosion-resistant materials. They feature a durable MP35N poppet and seat and are designed for checked direction pressures up to 15,000 psi. The valves are available for forward and reverse-flow directions in five sizes ranging from 0.125 to 0.500 in. in diameter. Check them out at IFPE Booth S81252.

Stackable Directional Valves

Brand Hydraulics' Series 21 direct acting solenoid operated valve features O-ring ports to eliminate leakage; enclosed solenoids and connections reduce exposure to elements, and individual load checks are built into each section. Can be combined with series 20 manual valve for increased versatility. Includes 6-gpm nominal capacity, pressure ratings of 4,000 psi (272 bar), parallel and 3,000 (204 bar), series. Ports are sized #6 SAE. Materials of this series include cast iron body, Buna N 0-rings, and stress proof tie rods. Assembly torque of 85 lb-in., 10-µm filtration, and 400 psi max tank pressure. Optional lever handles for manual control when power is lost. They will be on display at IFPE Booth S82952. 

Sealing & Flow Control for Fluid Power 

SFC Koenig AG will be at IFPE Booth S81351. Failure rates for its sealing and flow-control products are less than 1 PPM. Available in a variety of sizes, material types, and pressure ratings, they offer a pre-assembled metal-to-metal seal solution. The company offers engineering support throughout the design process. They can be used to seal drilled holes with faster installation and fewer errors. They target diverse hydraulic, automotive, and high-precision applications. Product categories include expander plugs, flow restrictors, and check valves.

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