Manifold-mounted multicheck valves

Manifold-mounted multicheck valves

A line of manifold-mounted Multi Check Valves is designed to mount and link together with a piping system that eases assembly and plumbing.

The R-614 Multi Check Valve combines four check valves into one. Features include a manifold-mounted design, integrated circuitry, and Octoport outlet design. Eight air passages extend longitudinally through the body surrounding the valve cavity integrated circuit.

The R-337 is a three-way, spring-return, fully ported piloted valve containing an independent check valve. It can be used normally open, normally closed, as a diverter, or as a selector.

The two-position, three-way, double-piloted, fully ported R-338 valve also has an independent check valve and can be used normally open, normally closed, as a two-position diverter, or as a two-way selector.

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