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Long-stroke cylinders

Long-stroke cylinders

Dual Sealing System is available on long-stroke hydraulic cylinders to prevent rod-seal leakage in extreme environments. It is more resilient than standard sealing systems, ensuring it remains in constant contact with the rod even during large amounts of pressure spiking, resulting in rod deflection and lateral movement. Wear rings provide added protection. Standard Cylinders (in double and single-acting designs with chrome plating rods, piston sealing, and standard and custom mounting) and Piggy-back Cylinders, which enable a longer stroke with a shorter overall length and is ideal for applications that require a long extend with a short retraction area, can use the sealing system.

It can be used in a variety of applications, including drilling and mining equipment; boom-extend cylinders for cranes, aerial devices and wreckers; scoping cylinders for service rigs; and various oil well and horizontal baling operations, to name a few.

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