Load-position sensing cylinders

Load-position sensing cylinders

Electronic positioning transducer cylinders are available for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. Electronic load-position feedback is via magnetostrictive linear-displacement transducer. It features rod diameters from ⅝ to 4 in. and cylinder bores from 1½ to 8.00 in. They are rated for minimum release pressures from 750 to 1500 psi and maximum holding force of 1100 to 80,000 lb. The transducer provides precise position resolutions within 0.002 in. for a wide variety of applications – including those in harsh and shock-prone environments. (The transducer’s output signal requires a PLC or servovalve to complete a closed-loop feedback system.)

Electronic load-position feedback is via a custom-length transducer probe sliding within a gun-drilled counterbore in the piston rod, an encased magnet and non-ferrous spacer retained in the piston by a snap ring, and a totally enclosed sensor housing with integral electronics mounted on the cylinder’s cap end.

They feature clamp diameters from 4.37 to 16.14 in. and clamp lengths from 3.55 to 11.50 in.

A protective transducer cover is optional. The non-ferrous spacer shields the magnet from any induced effects on its magnetic force and concentrates the magnetic lines of force reaching the transducer to maintain proper function. Because the electronic package is external to the cylinder envelope, it can be serviced without disturbing the tie-rod torque. Various length cord sets are offered. If mounting space is an issue, more-compact embedded LVDT-transducer technology is available.

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