ISO Tie-rod cylinder

ISO Tie-rod cylinder

MH series hydraulic tie-rod cylinders have pistons with cast-iron rings and rod bearings made of chrome plated steel and bronze. Polyurethane U-cup seals provide strong load holding. Ten different bore diameters range from 25 to 200mm with working pressures to 210 bar. Multiple mounting configurations, and double-rod versions are available.

Medium carbon-steel tie-rods with rolled threads extends cylinder life. 

ISO MP1, MP3, MP5, MT1, MT2, MT4, ME5 and ME6 mounting configurations are available. Double-rod versions of the MT1, MT2, MT4, ME5 and ME6 are also available. Male or female threaded-rod options are standard, and standard porting is BSPP for leak-free connections.

Milwaukee Cylinder, (414) 769-9700,

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