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Hydraulic starters

Hydraulic starters

HS-22 and HS-36 hydraulic starters use friction clutch inertia drives and can be supplied with or without gear-type motors. They come in four models, each with a different displacement:

  • HS-222 is 1 in.3 (16.4 cc)
  • HS-223 is 2 in.3 (32.8 cc)
  • HS-224 is 3 in.3 (49.2 cc)
  • HS-360 is 5.15 in.3 (84.3 cc)

They are adapted from air starters and feature SAE mounting pads. Models are designed to fit both sides of multi-pad engines. They feature side and rear ports.

They are designed for the oil and gas service industry.

Pow-R-Quik, Div. of Maradyne Corp., (216) 362-0755,

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