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Hydraulic fluid filter

Oilmiser FILLorDRAIN hydraulic fluid filter system prevents airborne contamination between the drum and reservoir. Featuring a cast aluminum body, it is available in two designs. Tank-mounted version has a bottom flange with conventional filler/breather (6-hole, 2.88 in. bolt circle mounting pattern). Drum-mounted version has 2-in. NPT male pipe thread and mounts directly to the 2-in. pipe bung on a standard oil drum. A 5 ┬Ám air filter prevents unfiltered air from entering the reservoir or drum.

A 1-in. pipe cut to length, and threaded into the bottom port of the cast body extends to the bottom of the reservoir or drum.

External sampling port, connected to a length of plastic sample tube which extends into the reservoir or oil drum, is optional. This allows for safely drawing oil samples under operating conditions at regularily schedualed intervals, thus eliminating sampling and analysis challenges.

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