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Hydraulic filtration

FLK medium-pressure filter head accommodates multiple short, medium, and long filter lengths while the housing locks Synteq filter cartridge in place, providing a clean filter service process and simplifying positioning during assembly. Synteq is a resin-free bonded media that provides lower operating pressure drop, higher efficiency, and longer filter life (up to 2 to 3 times) than that of traditional filter media. It is rated for maximum continuous operating pressure of 750 psi (52 bar) and burst pressure of 2000 psi (138 bar).

The FLK filter head has flow ratings from ≤15 to ≤35 gpm (57 to 132 lpm). Leak-tight RadialSeal has no metal-to-metal contact to protect against ingressed contaminants, preventing cross contamination of oil. It offers high vibration resistance, for heavy-duty applications.

FLK is intended for use in heavy-duty vehicle and mining operations and provides higher pressure fatigue ratings than traditional filters. With its re-usable filter housing and replacement cartridge design, it offers several advantages for disposal of used filters. Industrial, raised hand-grips make it easy to remove the housing from the head without the need for special service tools.

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