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High-resolution transducers

TD1000 series of high-resolution, digital measurement pressure transducers feature redundant sensing elements. They feature an integrated digital output signal, allowing a pressure or temperature setpoint to be programmed into the transducer resulting in a digital output signal when that threshold is met. They are rated to 6000 psi (690 bar) and operate in temperatures from –40° to 100°C. They are rated for 0.25% and 0.1% accuracy.

They can capture data related to the number of times it sees pressure over the stated range and the maximum pressure seen. Output and pressure range can be reprogrammed, so if an adjustment is needed, change is easy. They have an IP69K rated seal, which stands up to high pressure wash downs with no water intrusion. Another option is to have the digital output trigger when one of the half bridges fails indicating that maintenance should be scheduled for the transducer (but, the transducer continues to operate in the meantime).

Transducers Direct, (513) 583-9491,

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