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Desiccant air breather

DBE series desiccant air breather for hydraulic reservoirs delivers high dehydration and contamination removal efficiency. It comes with a choice of three sizes of breather with replacement cartridges to accommodate a wide range of air flow. Two stage dehydration uses traditional silica gel and molecular sieve technology to dry the air more quickly and with greater efficiency. Reusable base incorporates four check valves, two intakes and two exhausts, to prevent air from going through the dehydration media unnecessarily, lengthening the life of the breather.

Also included in the base design is a set of anti-splash baffles that prevent fluid from splashing into the contamination media. An additional particulate filter with 2 ┬Ám filtration rating assures the cleanliness level of the intake air.

It is suitable for mobile, agriculture, industrial, machine tool, paper and wind applications where dehydration of the air entering the reservoir is of concern; for example, it can be used on a gearbox for wind turbines.

Schroeder Industries, (724) 318-1146,

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