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Custom hydraulic reservoirs

Custom hydraulic reservoirs

Custom hydraulic reservoirs and fuel tanks are available in capacities from 1 to more than 300 gal. They are manufactured in a range of materials, including carbon or stainless steel, aluminum, or aluminized steel (a blend of sheet steel hot-dip-coated with an aluminum-silicon alloy to resist corrosion). Aluminized steel reservoirs resist virtually all petroleum-based and synthetic fluids while providing protection from atmospheric corrosion.

Designs range from two-part tank strap to hydraulic reservoir assemblies with more than 60 parts. Accessories include level indicators, sight gauges, straps, fittings, filters, strainers, and more. Powder-coating, CARC (chemical agent resistant coating) and subassemblies are available as options.

The IFH Group Inc., (800) 435-7003,

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