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Crimp connection

Crimp connection

Mechanical Crimp Connection (MCC) is a one-piece adaptor that eliminates welding. When crimped, a proprietary bite ring attaches to the pipe and secures the adapter. Internal seals ensure a leak-free connection and protect against ingression. It achieves NPS pipe connections in weld sizes ranging from 1 to 2 in. and has a working pressure to 5000 psi. Carbon steel adaptors have multiple end configurations, including retaining ring style code 61/62, and male and female O-ring face seal, 37° flare, and NPT.

MCC also offers full-range interchangeability with SAE and ISO specifications such as SAE J514, SAE J1453 and ISO 6162.

Compared to welding, MCC enables quick, easy mechanical crimping of adapters to piping.
It eliminates one of the key failure modes of welding: weld cracks. Weld cracks can form while the weld is hot, while it is cooling, or even due to fatigue or corrosion. It also eliminates the welding-induced contaminants that need to be flushed out after installation.
Welding processes, from pre-cleaning to non-destructive testing to post cleaning, reduce valuable equipment or project uptime and require additional labor costs. It is ideal for application in industrial processing, construction, large mobile equipment, oil and gas operations.

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