Counterbalance valves

Counterbalance valves

Updated portfolio of counterbalance valves includes re-introduction of VCB product line, which pilots on port 1 (nose of the valve), allowing for a slimmer dual counterbalance design. Four sizes are rated for 350 bar (5075 psi). Updated 20 size CB20-HV is the company’s largest hydraulically vented cartridge valve and is capable of 266 lpm (70 gpm). Pre-engineered dual-counterbalance hydraulic integrated circuits (HICs) of each valve are also being introduced. They are also rated for 350 bar (5075 psi).

Line includes four valves: VCB06-EN (hydraulic vent, 06 size metric, 60 lpm [16 US gpm]), VCB06-CN (atmospheric vent, 06 size metric, 60 lpm [16 US gpm]), VCB12-EN (hydraulic vent, 12 size metric, 140 lpm [37 US gpm]) and VCB12-CN (atmospheric vent, 12 size metric, 140 lpm [37 US gpm]). Each pilots on port 1, at the nose of the valve, rather than on port 3, which is located closer to the thread. This eliminates the need for cross- drilling when creating a dual counterbalance system in an HIC.

VCB-DL dual counterbalance, pre-engineered catalog HICs include the VCB06-EN-DL (hydraulic vent, 06 size metric), VCB06-CN-DL (atmospheric vent, 06 size metric), VCB12-EN-DL (hydraulic vent, 12 size metric) and VCB12-CN-DL (atmospheric vent, 12 size metric). In addition to decreasing design and machining time, they allow for all four ports to be on one plane, making hydraulic piping connections easier for mounting on or near a cylinder.

CB20-HV provides high flow capacity for those applications needing controlled load-holding for large cylinders and motors. DCB20-HV is a new 20-size pre-engineered dual counterbalance HIC, available in both aluminum and steel bodies. The CB20-HV and DCB20-HV are rated at 350 bar (5075 psi).

Comatrol, Member of the Danfoss Group, (864) 644-0055,

Click here to view a summary of Comatrol's counterbalance valves.

Click here to view or download a PDF datasheet on Comatrol VCB compact counterbalance valves.

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