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Coalescing Filter and Regulator

Type FA10 Coalescing Filter is designed to remove liquid aerosols and sub-micron particles from compressed air. The Type FA12 Filter Regulator with Coalescing Filter combines the coalescing filter with a high-performance filter regulator in one piggy-back assembly. These coalescing filters help protect equipment and processes by removing oil or water droplets and particulate solids from compressed air systems. Droplets are captured, coalesced, and drained to the bottom of the polycarbonate bowl, preventing filtered droplet re-entrainment into the air flow.  he polycarbonate bowl allows for visual indication of the filtered liquid level. Quick release locks on the drain bowls allow for fast and easy replacement of the filter elements. The Type FA10 and Type FA12 provide high flow rates, low pressure drops and long service life. 


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