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Air Pressure Regulator Provides High Repeatability

The Type 7000 high flow capacity precision air pressure regulator provides high accuracy and repeatability during variable high-flow conditions.  Large port size options and rugged construction make it suitable for many pneumatic control systems. An isolated control chamber minimizes output variation and vibration/honking during flow. An integral aspirator tube helps maintain downstream pressure by compensating for pressure droop during flow conditions. The balanced supply valve helps eliminate changes to supply pressure variation. Soft supply and exhaust valves minimize air consumption. Its isolated control chamber prevents output variation under varying conditions of flow, supply pressure, and temperature. High flow forward allows flows up to 250 scfm. Features include control sensitivity to ½-in. water-column pressure; ¼- , ½-, or ¾-NPT porting; and 2 ¼-NPT gauge ports. Applications include air pressure measurement, diagnostic equipment, pneumatic counter balancers, web tensioning, tool balancers, articulating arms, and medical and calibration equipment.

ControlAir Inc., (603) 886-9400

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