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Air Prep Units Save Space, Enhance Safety

The Excelon Plus modular filter/regulator/lubricator (FRL) offers performance and safety at 20% the size and 35% less weight than standard models. Padlock features on both the shut-off valve and regulator prevent tampering, and a double safety lock on the bowl prevent it from being removed when in use. A rotating shut-off valve isolates the system from air as needed.


The Quikclamp design speeds installation and simplifies removal. The FRL extracts more than 96% of water from compressed air. For easier maintenance, a new filter assembly allows the filter element and bowl to be removed together for faster, cleaner service. This system also reduces the clearance required for maintenance to one inch, freeing up machine real estate. Lubricators are available in micro-fog and oil fog to meet various design and tool specifications.

IMI Precision Engineering, (800) 514-0129

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