Absolute Linear Position Transducer

Absolute Linear Position Transducer

Measurement Specialties’ new PT420 absolute linear position transducer, has a full-scale measurement range from 2 in. to 100 in. with infinite output resolution. Its two output signals, 2-wire 4-20 mA and 3-wire 0-20 mA, provide a feedback signal linearly proportional to the position of its extension cable. The sensor is a classic string pot design and is suitable for many industrial automation and testing applications. It can be used for measuring position on hydraulic cylinders and other linear displacement measuring applications.

Repeatability is ±0.05% full stroke and accuracy to ±0.15% full stroke for most ranges. It operates from -40°C to +90°C and can withstand 10 G of vibration to 2,000 Hz maximum. A DIP-switch setting enables output signal direction to be reversed. To ensure signal values match up with the beginning and end stroke points, users can adjust the zero and span trim pots. The product is encased in a IP50 NEMA 1 rated anodized aluminum house, is less than 5 inches high when cable is retracted, and weighs less than 2 lb. 

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