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Webtec Offers Hydraulic Maintenance Book

Webtec, manufacturer of hydraulic measurement and control products, recently introduced An Introduction to Practical Hydraulic System Maintenance, a handbook for fluid power technicians. Co-authored by industry experts Steve Skinner and Webtec’s managing director, Martin Cuthbert, this textbook is intended to help educate maintenance technicians and engineers new to the hydraulics industry.

Priced at $45.99 the book is available now from Featuring more than 240 pages and over 200 color illustrations, the introductory guide is described as an excellent starting place to learn about hydraulics. Written in an easy-to-read style with clear concise text, it also suggests where readers can go to learn more about a particular subject.

Webtec book cover

Co-author Steve Skinner commented, “Despite hydraulic fluid power being a technology with more than 200 years of history, it remains a highly effective means of transmitting power, well-suited to interface with modern electronic controls. Like any technology, however, it needs to be well understood by engineers and technicians responsible for its efficient operation. This book [is intended to encourage maintenance personnel to acquire further training and experience and become fully competent in this important technology with its vast range of applications.”

Webtec’s managing director, Martin Cuthbert, added, “We recognized that many highly experienced hydraulic engineers are retiring, and few people are studying hydraulics today as a profession. Yet, the need for qualified hydraulic technicians continues to grow. This book is a small step towards addressing this skills shortage.”

All profits made from the book will be donated to support STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), including programs such as NFPA’s Fluid Power Challenge. In addition to the guide, readers will also receive free access to a host of complimentary fault-finding tools, calculation apps and white papers by Webtec.

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