Hydraulic press

Troubleshooting Challenge: Press Overheating Problem

An aerospace supplier was awarded a contract requiring it to press special alloy metals to different shapes. The orders were small lots, so automation was not practical. The company installed the molds and hand-loaded and unloaded the parts for each order. The press cylinder completed a cycle in 20 sec., and the machine was averaging about 60 parts/hr due to the time to manually load the multiple pieces to make the part and unload the finished assembly.

The press was custom-built by a fabrication shop that subcontracted a local hydraulic distributor to build the press’ hydraulic power unit and supply the specified cylinder.

The press worked fine, except the oil would heat up to more than 175ᴼF. The heat exchanger and water supply checked out as working fine and appeared to be sized properly. Any idea what caused the HPU to overheat?

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Solution to Last Month’s Challenge:

Press Platen Racking on Assembly Machine

When the maintenance personal started to switch the bottom cylinders during troubleshooting, the rod on the left-lower cylinder pulled completely out of the cylinder. It was broken in half about 1 in. from the piston.

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