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Versatile Valve Rates a 10—Sections, That Is

Versatile Valve Rates a 10—Sections, That Is

The new CLS sectional mobile valve from Eaton Hydraulics, Eden Prairie, Minn. features a modular design and an envelope Eaton says is among the smallest in the mobile hydraulics industry. The valve allows end users to prioritize work functions to improve productivity, machine efficiency and safety.

Off-highway equipment with multifunctional hydraulics can now take advantage of a compact load-sensing valve with versatile features like priority flow sharing and load-sense relief on each section.

“The modular, highly versatile CLS Sectional Mobile Valve was designed to streamline features – adding value without increasing size or sacrificing flexibility,” says Andreas Kling, EMEA product group manager at Eaton Hydraulics. “With several features unique to many load-sensing valves, such as priority flow sharing and local load-sense relief on each section, the valves let equipment designers accommodate the distinctive needs of their machine.”   

The pre- and post-compensated valve allows as many as 10 working sections and comes in mid-inlet or custom manifold configurations. The valve is available in four sizes (CLS100, CLS180, CLS250 or CLS350) with maximum flow ratings of 100, 180, 250, and 350 l/min, respectively. Each valve may accommodate a working pressure inlet port of 350 bar and a maximum tank pressure port of 25 bar. 

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