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Eaton AxisPro

Proportional Valve Portfolio with Enhanced Configurability

AxisPro industrial valves are now available in two-stage D05 (NG10) and D07 (NG16) sizes. They provide the same high performance and closed-loop control capability as the manufacturer’s single-stage AxisPro valves, but at greater flows. The AxisPro valve portfolio now accommodates flow rates to 375 lpm. The valves feature onboard motion control, sensors, diagnostics, communication, and come in three performance levels to suit a variety of applications. The manufacturer has also updated Pro-FX Configure, the programming software for the valves. Featuring parameter-based tuning and a complete wizard-based setup, Pro-FX Configure 2.0 lets users configure and tune the valves by following a streamlined, step-by-step graphical workflow to reduce setup time and cost.

Eaton Corp., Hydraulics Group

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