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Products of the Week: Hydraulics Essentials

From environmentally inert hydraulic oil to hybrid pump units, here are six components designed to increase the durability of industrial machines.

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Hybrid Hydraulic Power Units 

ClampMax hybrid hydraulic power units (HPU) are a long-lasting alternative to conventional HPUs used in clamping and work-holding applications. Providing several different operating pressures for up to six circuits, they can monitor pressure in single or A and B lines. Paired with a pressure booster, it can accommodate pressures to 5,000 psi, or a flow booster can be for pressures up to 3,000 psi. It can be controlled and monitored from remote locations as well.

All World Machinery Supply, (815) 943-9111, 

Robust Gauge Comes in a Small Package

Targeting applications with limited space, these 1008S pressure gauges measure 40 mm and 50 mm in diameter. They have a NEMA 4/IP66 ingress rating and a stainless-steel case for outdoor use and harsh environments. The gauges’ liquid fill or patented Flutter Guard movement makes them easier to read in high vibration installation. They are offered in pressure ranges up to 20,000 psi.

Aschcroft, (203) 385-0635 or visit

 Hydraulic Fluid Has Eco-Friendly Formula

The No-Tox BioFR Hydraulic 46 is a nontoxic, fire-resistant hydraulic fluid and industrial lubricant designed for severe operating conditions. It can be used with petroleum and other synthetic hydraulic fluids that tend to create a potentially unsafe environment and fire hazards to improve safety of high-pressure hydraulic systems up to 7500 psi. It is Factory Mutual tested and certified, and safe for food-handling applications because it is nontoxic. It is biodegradable and has a high shear stability to maintains the same viscosity over a wide temperature range. It also reduces varnish and sludge formation in valves, pipes, and reservoirs. It is also a certified HFD-U fire-resistant fluid.

Bel-Ray Company LLC, (732) 938-2421,

Rotary Position Sensors Feature Contactless Design

These NRH305DR rotary position sensors have a no-contact design to prevent damage in vehicles and control systems. With two independent power supplies and output channels for electrical redundancy, they operate from a 5 Vdc regulated supply. With an 8-mm sensor-body profile and small footprint, it is fully encapsulated and IP68/IP69K rated to withstand water, dust, shock, vibration and extreme temperatures.

Curtiss-Wright, (704) 869-4600,  

Device Improves Valve Tunability 

The PVE-EX’s modular design lets designers configure their PVG valves to meet the exact demands of their application and installation requirements. With a cast-iron enclosure that protects both interior connectors and embedded electronics and a protective coating that minimizes corrosion, the PVE-EX works with PVG valves in harsh environments and explosive atmospheres. The PVE-EX ex db protection variant uses a flame-proof protection method critical for underground mining applications and oil & gas markets.

Danfoss Power Solutions, (515) 239-6000, 

New Expansion Option Enhances Motion Controller


Used for industrial motion and data logging in production lines and test systems, the RMC200 motion controller’s new 5-slot backplane configuration enables 32-axis support with 5-, 7-, 11-, or 15-slot base modules. Each base module has 1 slot for the power supply, 1 for the CPU, and 3, 5, 9, or 13 I/O slots. The B5 can handle up to 8 position-control axes, while B7, B11, and B15 Base Modules can be configured up to 32 closed-loop motion axes or data acquisition channels. Controllers can transition smoothly between these control modes, enabling smooth, reliable dual-loop support for controlling pressure, force, and torque or position, velocity, and acceleration. 

Delta Computer Systems, (360) 254-8688,

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