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Product Gallery Features The Latest in Valve Technology

From new coil designs that minimize pressure drops to actuators with built-in spool-position sensing, these components can be used to optimize performance in industrial and mobile equipment. View in the gallery above, or scroll through the list below.

Valve Connectors Ensure Tight Connections in Mobile Equipment

These overmolded valve connectors with IP69K protection target applications in off-highway vehicles. Available in five different versions with self-assembly or molded cable, their integrated gaskets and captive screws maintain tight connections in the most demanding applications. The connectors come pre-assembled, and do not fully come apart so that maintenance workers need not worry about misplacing essential components. They feature a polyurethane encapsulation, which prevents contamination and ingress oil, even at very low temperatures.


Actuators Come with Spool Position Feedback


PVEO-M-A 1X6 DEU- right angle view

The PVE series 7 actuators feature a “plug-and-perform” design that works with the company’s high-performance proportional valves (PVG 32, PVG 100, PVG 120, and the new PVG 128 and PVG 256), as well as its steering valves (EHPS, EH, EHi, and OSPE). A spool-position sensor equipped with a dual demodulator provides spool-position feedback to make sure valves are in their correct position at a given input signal. Built-in safeguards include fault monitoring, optional spool-direction indication, and separate float control. They are backwards-compatible with PVE Series 4 actuators, offering more space around the valve, a microcontroller with embedded software algorithms to increase repeatability, and an wider temperature range from −40 to 90°C.

Danfoss Power Solutions, (515) 239-6000, 

New Coil Design Minimizes Pressure Drops

The 16 solenoid-operated cartridge valves added to the FLeX electrohydraulic products series feature three new coils that help reduce pressure drops in a leak-proof, poppet-style valve. Targeting both mobile and industrial hydraulic systems, they are designed and tested to exceed 10-million-cycle operation. Coils come in interchangeable low-power, high-power, and hazardous location (explosion-proof) versions, while zinc-nickel plating on the valve and coil withstands 1,000 hours of salt fog. They leverage a floating-style design that adds an extra layer of protection against excessive torque and force.

Sun Hydraulics, (941) 362-1200, 

Proportional Flow-Control Valves Feature On-Board Electronics

Measuring 16 to 50 mm, these proportional flow-control valves come with standard ISO 7368 and DIN 24342 cavity and porting. Response time is 4 ms,  and they can close the poppet under high load pressure. On-board electronics require a 0- to 10-V command for proportional control from a 24-V supply with a minimum of 3 A. No amplifier card is needed.  Minimum pilot pressure is 40 psi, and if the voltage or pressure drops below those requirements, the valve will shift to safety mode.

 Almo, (877) ALMO-NOW, 

Spool and Disc Valve Motors Dampen Pressure Spikes in Both Directions

Low-speed, high-torque spool and disc valve motors in the Xcel series offer greater durability in light- and medium-duty applications. Exhibiting a 4,000-hour lifespan, their three-zone design allows for true bidirectional operation. A case-drain option increases the drives’ resistance to pressure spikes, and extends seal and motor life.

Eaton, (800) 386-1911,  


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